Production Services


  • Full Service Production

    Want it all?

    We offer end-to-end production services, encompassing ideation and planning, through to execution and delivery. Whether it’s the orchestration of large-scale live events, the creation of interactive digital content, or simply consultation on a specific production challenge, our team specialises in finding creative solutions to complex requirements.

  • Creative Technology

    Want something new?

    Beyond traditional technical services such as content creation, sound, and lighting, our team of technical specialists pioneer innovative technologies and solutions. By integrating gamification, automation, and theatrical trickery, we elevate projects with unique and scalable technical concepts. From immersive interactive installations to cutting-edge spatial audio, we strive to challenge the boundaries of technological possibility.

  • Physical Production

    Want it built?

    Rooted in our theatrical heritage and with a vast network of specialist makers, we design, fabricate and source the elements required for award winning experiences. From meticulously designed costumes to the construction of large-scale scenery and rigging, we oversee the creation of physical production elements from design to delivery.


Design & Concepting

  • World Creation & Concepting
  • Immersive Bars & Dining
  • Immersive Screenings
  • Experience & Interaction Design
  • Graphics & 3D design
  • Stage & Set Design
  • Costume & Prop Design
  • Scripting & Performance
  • Visualisations & CAD drawings
  • Sound, Lighting & AV Design

Physical Production

  • Set Construction & Assembly
  • Carpentry, Metalwork & Custom Fabrication
  • Sound, Lighting & AV
  • Print, Graphics & signage
  • Transportation & Storage

Creative Technology

  • Lighting, Sound & AV installations
  • Equipment Hire
  • Technical R&D & Integration
  • Network & Systems Engineering
  • Web Development
  • Live content capture & sharing

Content Production

  • Live Streaming
  • Stills & Video Production
  • Edit & Retouching
  • Sound Design & Voice Over
  • Graphics & Post Production

Planning & Delivery

  • Event Planning
  • Casting & Direction
  • Venue Logistics
  • Bars & Catering
  • Live event staffing and crew
  • Registration & Ticketing
  • Licensing and Permitting
  • Insurance / Liability Coverage
  • Health & Safety & RAMS

We started working with Swamp as creative technology consultants to help us bring to life some stage craft at a press and influencer event...We are now working with them to deliver a new innovative project that is a first for ITV (more on that at the awards next year!)


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