Trigger Point

It's down to the wire...


Create an immersive escape experience that puts audiences inside the high-stakes drama of Trigger Point Series 2 to elicit ‘heart in mouth’ moments that they won’t be able to stop talking about.


An adrenaline-fueled, 1-on-1 escape experience to save an EXPO from a ticking-time bomb. Stars of the show and content creators were thrust into the middle of an active crime scene (rigged with hidden cameras) and immediately had to defuse a hyper-realistic device against the clock. Once out of the danger zone, creators compared their completion times on a digital scoreboard and were handed an edit of their entire experience which had been live-vision mixed. The experience generated publicity, dynamically shot and immediately-edited social content and got people talking about how Trigger Point Series 2 will have you hanging on the edge of your seat.

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