Saint Jude

An AI powered audio experience, connecting you with the unconscious.


Create a scalable immersive show by using creative tech to offer a unique one-on-one experience.


Featuring cutting edge AI technology, beautifully designed sets, live performers and original music, Saint Jude is an AI-powered immersive audio experience that puts you in the driving seat of a thrilling story in a brand new way. Every question you ask will be answered, every path you take will have consequences. In your one hour experience, the fate of your assigned Sleeper is entirely in your hands. At a mysterious clinic, you’ll take on the role of a ‘Guidestar’ and be issued with an Echosump, a transmission device that allows you to communicate with the unconscious. You’ll find yourself in conversation with the subconscious mind of a coma patient - a sleeper. Your mission is simple: start talking. Through interrogation, exploration and uncovering their deepest secrets - you might just be able to wake them up. But not everything in the dark should be brought to light.

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Campaign Experience Award - Highly Commended 2024

5 star rating4 star rating3 star rating2 star rating
1 star rating

"'Saint Jude' is a way more engrossing piece of storytelling than near enough every other immersive show in town"


5 star rating4 star rating3 star rating2 star rating
1 star rating

"Genuinely original...A fresh and innovative piece of immersive work, packed with atmosphere and big ideas"

The Stage

5 star rating4 star rating3 star rating2 star rating
1 star rating

"The future of theatre has arrived"

Financial Times

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