Rebel Moon

Rebels, unite!


Create an exclusive screening and immersive after-party to launch Netflix's 'Rebel Moon Part Two: The Scargiver' for super fans of the film.


After an exclusive screening of the adrenaline-inducing ‘Rebel Moon Part Two: The Scargiver,’ superfans donned a disguise and journeyed to an in-world Rebel Safehouse, populated with Rebel soldiers. Thematic drinks were served by a robot bartender, along with farm-fresh food straight from the fields of Veldt and live music from a string quartet. The rebels began coaching individuals for battle, with combat training commencing on corn scarecrows, all whilst keeping an eye out for Imperium spies within their ranks. Specific regiments were chosen for a secret mission to defend Veldt against the Imperium soldiers. Once they were deemed ready, at the strike of a bell, the boldest fighters stepped up to the enemy for real by trying out the new Sandbox VR Rebel Moon experience.

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