Night Zero at the Continental

Night Zero


In place of a red carpet event, lay on an unforgettable press experience for international journalists, immersing them in the world of The Continental - the new Prime Video show, from the world of John Wick.The coverage had to be more engaging, readable, visual and shareable than a traditional red carpet event.


We transformed Redchurch Town House and treated guests to an overnight experience, plunging them into the underworld of 1970s New York City with all the intrigue, danger and glamour of the show and the period. Guests stepped into a bustling street teeming with characters, vintage cars, flashing neon, belching sewers and sizzling hotdogs before finding sanctuary in the highly exclusive interior of The Continental hotel itself. Their stay involved clandestine messages, 70's inspired Italian food, menacing clientele and a screening of the first episode of the series. This being New York City however, at the end of the screening the cops broke up the party and guided guests through the aftermath of a nearby shoot out where they were papped by lurking journalists - making the front page in The New York Times which was delivered to their room first thing in the morning. Throughout their stay, journalists were able to interview major creatives from the show, including Director Albert Hughes, EPs Basil Iwanyk & Erica Lee, Action Director Larnell Stovall, Costume Designer Sarah Arthur and Series Composer Raffertie.

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Campain Experience Awards - Winner 2024


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